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Reduced Stress

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“I was a bit skeptical at first, having never tried an ice bath before. But wow, I experienced the deepest sleep on the very first night! Totally hooked now. 😍

Emily, 29 - London, UK

Loved by 100,000+ Customers

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6 Benefits of Ice Bath Therapy

Reduced stress

Immersion in cold water can promote a state of relaxation and calmness, helping to reduce stress.

Boosts Endorphin Levels

This 'feel-good' hormones uplift your mood & overall happiness throughout the day.

Improved recovery

After a tough workout, an ice bath is your quick ticket to feeling great and bouncing back faster.

Mental Clarity

The cold immersion acts as a cognitive reset, clearing foggy thoughts and sharpening your focus.


Dive into an ice bath before bed and wake up feeling utterly refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Boosts Metabolism

Fire up your metabolism effortlessly - ice baths are your ally in maintaining a healthy weight and feeling more alive.

Free Worldwide Shipping | 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

“I was seriously fed up with my never-ending stress. I gave Ice Baths a shot and wow! I felt an instant boost in my mood, like a wave of happiness washing over me. It's my new secret to kicking stress to the curb!”

Laura, 32 - Toronto

Mental Benefits

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Study based on +100,000 people & 2+ years of testing.



Mood Score

Happiness Level

Energy Level

Relaxation Index

Sleep Quality

Stress Alleviation



Mood Score

Happiness Level

Energy Level

Relaxation Index

Sleep Quality

Stress Alleviation

Free Worldwide Shipping | 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Deeper Sleep

Better Recovery

Reduced Stress

Improved Circulation

Fall Asleep Faster

Boosts Metabolism

Deeper Sleep

Better Recovery

Reduced Stress

Improved Circulation

Fall Asleep Faster

Boosts Metabolism

6 Ways Ice Baths Reduce Stress Levels

  • 1

    Releases Endorphins

    Ice baths trigger the release of endorphins, your body's natural feel-good chemicals, swiftly reducing stress and enhancing your mood.

  • 2

    Improves Sleep Quality

    By enhancing the quality of your sleep, ice baths indirectly contribute to lowering stress and anxiety levels, helping you wake up refreshed and calm.

  • 3

    Promotes Mindful Relaxation

    Ice baths provide a unique opportunity for mindfulness, helping you to focus on the present moment, clear your mind, and release accumulated stress.

  • 4

    Increases Mental Resilience

    Over time, the disciplined routine of ice baths strengthens your mental resilience, helping you manage stress and anxiety more effectively in your daily life.

  • 5

    Provides Better & Faster Recovery

    The reduction in muscle tension and inflammation post-ice bath leaves you feeling physically rejuvenated, which positively impacts your mental well-being.

  • 6

    Balances Hormones

    Regular cold immersion helps balance hormones related to stress and anxiety, promoting a more stable and calm mental state.

When Should I Use the Ice Bath to Reduce Stress & Anxiety?

To uplift your mood and minimize stress, use the ice bath during periods you generally feel tense or overwhelmed.

A consistent early morning or evening routine can effectively set a positive tone for the day or help unwind after a long day.

The crucial aspect is to observe how your body and mind respond and adjust the timing accordingly for the most beneficial impact.

Sleep better, recover faster, do more.

Many celebrities love a good ice bath for recovery because it reduces inflammation, swelling, and achiness from an intense workout. The cold exposure essentially kickstarts your body’s ability to recover.


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Real Reviews from Real People

Real Reviews
from Real People

Loved by 100,000+ Customers

  • "Super happy with my Nurecover Portable Ice Bath’’

    Super happy with my Nurecover Portable Ice Bath. I love to jump in it after a run! I have a noticed a difference in my recovery! Also jumping in the first thing in the morning really kick starts my day!! A big yes from me!!

    Mark S.

  • "Loving it!!’’

    Loving it!! Quick delivery, easy set up. Good material. Very durable. Would highly recommend

    Christian P.

  • "This has changed my mental and it is only one week!’’

    This has changed my mental and it is only one week! I have been able to focus throughout the day and my recovery from workouts have been quick! Not much soreness. Quick and easy set up! I have recommended this to everyone around me that is thinking about buying one!

    Thomas B.

  • “ This has changed my life.. ”

    “I can't recommend this enough. It feels so good to have at home and I can use it at any time without having to drive to my gym.”

    Ryan B.

  • "I'm 6'4 and had loads of space..

    “At first I thought - no way I am fitting in that but after speaking to customer service they said it fits people up to 6'7. It's true because I had loads of room."

    Josh V.

  • "This was a gift for my husband..’’

    This was a gift for my husband who loves to polar plunge. It took about 8-9 bags 10lb bags of ice to get the temp down to 60 degrees due to the summer heat. He ended up buying a chiller for our bathtub so he can keep it at a constant temp without having to buy ice. He still uses the Nurecover when we travel! His 6’2 body fits in it and it’s very compact when you need to pack it up.

    Anna B.

  • "I love my ice bath..’’

    I love my ice bath. I had always been a little sceptical but this tub absolutely does what it says on the tin I do 45 mins in the gym and then 4 mins in here. Feel amazing. Honestly I hated the cold but I love this. Can’t recommend highly enough.

    Scott H.

  • "Absolutely love my nurecover ice bath.’’

    Absolutely love my nurecover ice bath. I use it every morning for 20 mins after my cycle. It has helped immensely with muscle recovery, has increased my energy levels and genuinely I feel much more focussed. A tip that was passed on to me was to freeze water in large containers (lunchboxes)! Why not give it a go?

    Alistair E.

  • "It’s part of the furniture now!.’’

    It’s part of the furniture now! Using it nearly every day to sooth aches, pains and tiered muscles. I don’t know how I managed without it. Quality’s all there at a very competitive price. Love it. 👍

    Aidan W.

  • "Absolutely love it!’’

    I bought this bath to help with PTSD and absolutely love it!



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100% Body Coverage

5-Layer Thermal

Insulated Technology

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Free Worldwide Shipping | 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Loved by 100K+ Customers

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